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There is a way to ensure your panels complete faster and this is with the traffic booster option. These boosters will speed up the completion times by 20% and they cost $8 or $5 each for standard or premium members respectively.

The best time to apply them is at the start of the panel as otherwise you will not get their full benefit if it is part way through. Also there is a certain minimum recommended panel to use this on and realistically this would be green and above, as the panel completion times below this are too realistically too short to make it worthwhile using on.

Another restriction is that they can only be applied to panels qualified through sales credits if you are are a standard member, premium members and above are excepted from this rule. The final thing to remember is that you don’t want to apply these to complimentary panels either, as they can’t used on that type of panel either. So that you don’t have to remember all these different rules, then you can just check on the panel itself and it will say the number of traffic boosters required to help you out.

Here is the breakdown of prices to boost the different types of panels (standard members for sales credit qualified panels only):

  • Black – Standard $256. Premium: $160
  • Red – Standard $128. Premium: $80
  • Green – Standard $64. Premium: $40
  • Blue – Standard $32. Premium: $20
  • Purple – Standard $16. Premium: $10
  • Yellow – Standard $8. Premium: $5

Here is a guide to the average panel completion times without boosters and the number of boosters required:

  • Yellow: 3-4 weeks with 1 traffic booster becomes: 2 to 3 weeks
  • Purple: 4-6 weeks with 2 traffic boosters becomes: 3-5 weeks
  • Blue: 8-10 weeks with 4 traffic boosters becomes: 6-8 weeks
  • Green: 2-3 months with 8 traffic boosters becomes: 7-10 weeks
  • Red: 4-5 months with 16 traffic boosters becomes: 3-4 months
  • Black: 6-8 months with 32 traffic boosters becomes: 5-6 months

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Incentive Traffic Explained

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Another way of earning traffic points is to use the incentive traffic section which is located in the Traffic Bank section. Here you are presented with a number of links to choose to click on and then you will get one incentive point for each click that you follow after a short 5 second wait. This gives you the advantage to earn points towards traffic qualification and it helps the person who’s site is being viewed. You can also register to have your site as part of the incentive traffic links if you submit it to banners broker. If you did do this then the costs to having your site viewed in this way

The next section is the article incentive part of the site where you submit an article of 250 words written in 3rd person perspective for a chosen subject of your choice from the list of sites provided. Each article that is then approved after approximately 3 to 4 days will gain you 1250 points. These incentive points can then be allocated to your various different colour panels in the manage traffic part of the traffic bank section. They are quite strict about plagiarism and if caught then there will be a lifetime ban on usage of that particular section of the site (though you will still have use of your banners brokers account).

Another way of getting incentive traffic is by referrals rolling up panels which occurs when you roll up 3 panels of a lower colour into a higher colour, so for example 3 yellows into a purple panel. One thing to inform your referrals to do is unlock the panels before rolling up, otherwise no incentive credit will be received. The amount received is 50% credit of the panel rolled up, so three yellows to a purple will make 1 purple and the referree to receive 7500 credits.

Since they were released, the incentive sections of the site have become the most visited page in the banners broker back-end and thus a very popular and useful feature of the system.

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